Finding Your Jam

Greetings to my friends and fam from The Jam. After a brief hiatus, I am returning with a few stories to tell. I hope your summer has been both relaxing and rewarding. If it has not been what you had dreamed it would be, it’s not too late because the fall equinox doesn’t arrive until […]

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Stay in the Fire

Welcome to the third installment of the “The Jam to my Toast!” This blog has been quite refreshing for me thus far. One of my intentions in starting this was to write about ideas I felt were pertinent to a successful life. I recognize that at 22, the majority of my life has not been […]

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Some Honest Bread

Round 2! If this is your first time visiting, welcome to the Jam! If you are returning, I truly thank you. This kind of feels like our second date, you know? Perhaps you were a little surprised that the first one went better than you initially anticipated, so you said yes to a second one […]

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A New Toaster

Welcome! This is the first of hopefully many blog posts on “The Jam to my Toast.” I believe you will find something worthwhile here, and if so, it was well worth both of our time. You will come across a few lessons learned, some inspiring moments in sports, actual good news [in 2018?], and jam-worthy […]

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